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Party vests

The meeting place:
Urban cruising yacht club, the Dnieper embankment, 12A
Contact phone numbers:
It will be striped evening: and it does not matter whether you choose a vest according to the French standard (with 21 stripes — one for each of the major victories of Napoleon), or such as the Dutch and the British (with 12 lanes — the number of ribs in humans).

Preimages vests appeared in the heyday of sailing ships, around the beginning of the XVIII century. They were very practical — well kept warm, not restrict movements in any job and quickly dried up. The shirt was always striped (though the stripes were colored, and the sailors themselves were sewn on the shirt) — on the bright background of the sails, the sky and the dark water of the man in the vest was seen from afar and clearly. However, the inconsistency cut, flowers and stripes did vest a regulation with the uniform, and wearing sailors were punished.
But that all changed with the Dutch, when in the middle of the nineteenth century introduced a new marine form of a short pea jacket, Trouser-bottoms and jackets with a deep cut on his chest, which vest fit perfectly. Since then, the vest has become an integral part of all sailors.

The password to enter to the party: "We are few, but we vests!" (and Yes,vest - required)))
From us - a yacht, wine, fruit, and instant photos, you vest and a good mood!