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Ternopil region: castle edge

2 days
The meeting place:
M Zhitomirskaya street, near auto center infiniti
Contact phone numbers:
(044) 3623059, (067) 9177746
Day 1.
Departure from Kiev at 07:00
Arrival to Ternopil. Check in to the hotel. Lunch at the hotel (extra charge 120,00 UAH.)
Ternopil - a city with a special Galician charm. There are a lot of pedestrian areas, a spacious promenade, green parks and majestic ancient temples.
During the city tour we will see the unexpected in its architecture Ternopil castle, Cathedra, the largest artificial lake in Europe, and in the lanes - dozens of cozy and picturesque cafes and restaurants.
In his spare time recommend to look into "the Ark" - the world's only restaurant-brewery in the shape of a ship.
"Fine city" - Ternopil restaurant with craft beer, where you can listen to live music and taste delicious cheese and mushroom soup or the legendary "old Mlyn" - colorful and bright restaurant-Museum with a very tasty menu.
Day 2.
Breakfast at the hotel. The release numbers.
Go to Zbarazh. Here, surrounded by the river Knysna, stands the castle, the walls of which stood an ancient history: in 1649, under the walls Zbarazh castle was in turmoil, probably the most fierce Cossack-Polish confrontation, artistically depicted in the historical novel H. Sienkiewicz's "with Fire and sword." We will walk through the fortress and see the Church of Bernardine.
Now, we are in Vishnevets - possession of family vishnevetskih. In this family were the kings and adventurers and the founder of the Zaporozhian Sich and the saints ....
Once the Palace was considered the most luxurious in the Volyn region. Visited Vyshnivets in 1848, honoré de Balzac called him "the little Versailles".
Sent to Kremenets: the city that knows how to surprise! Here among picturesque cliffs, rolling hills and spills of the river Ikva, you are waiting for the historic churches, the College and one of the oldest Botanical gardens of modern Ukraine. We go to the mountain to see the remains of the once mighty fortress, the owner of which was bona Sforza, Italian Queen of the Commonwealth, which in the SIXTEENTH century the fame of a female Dracula.

Lunch in Kremenets (extra charge 120,00 UAH.).