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Ethnofederal candlelight and kobza

Of 430.00 (guide, tour ethnofederal)
Tour dates:  18:30,  18:30
2 hours
The meeting place:
the monument to Ivan Kotlyarevsky on the corner of Yuri Ilyenko and Herzen
Contact phone numbers:
+380 (67) 706 51 76

Ate here RSN damage
And all with glazed bowls
Themselves Garn seasoning
New maple cymbals:
A pig's head to hell
And noodles for a change
Then with the gravy Indyk;
For a snack Kulish and porridge,
Gruel, teeth, poetry, Kvasha
With poppy honey szulik.
I. Kotlyarevsky

We invite you to an exclusive atomicity candlelight and harp!

We will gather for dinner in a friendly manor, where in a friendly circle, cleaned the table, along with the owners share the secrets to baking this bread, you pregatim dishes that were used in Ukraine 300 years ago. Potatoes also sweets made from ... oats, posmakov interesting milk drink..
Try yourself in the role of Miller.
And not just bread alone!
Listen to the bagpipes in the author's performance and talk about the secrets of longevity of the ancient Ukrainians.
It will be delicious, authentic and very atmospheric!
Like nothing you have tried!