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Tropical Kingdom: the warm trip this winter

5-6 hours
The meeting place:
Metro Kontraktova square, near the fountain "Samson"
Contact phone numbers:
(044)3623059, (067)9177746

When the Windows of winter and cold, and all of us do not get enough Sun and bright colors, we suggest to go to a Tropical Paradise, full of bananas, pineapples, pomegranates, lemons, tangerines... it's green Here all year round, and more than fifty tropical plants not only grow and bloom, but quickly bear fruit. After all, in a unique greenhouse-the thermos even in winter the temperature about 20 degrees and a half times lighter than on the street! There is also avocado, olives, olive and coffee trees, and exotic psidium (strawberry tree) and Carissa (gives fruits with a taste of pineapple and strawberries).

If you love plants, you will have a great opportunity to buy a sapling of any plant. The cost can range from 50 to 500 UAH, depending on the age of the plant.

The second part of our tour will be greenhouse Corporation "Camellia".

Established 22 years ago, the company "Camellia" today is one of the largest in the country, and important in Europe, flower farms with an area of over 11 hectares! Taking into account the world best practices (primarily Dutch), in innovative high-tech greenhouses is grown 25 varieties of roses, tulips and orchids, pelargonium, cyclamen, begonias and many other plants. We not only look at the Holy of holies, learn from the experts about the interesting facts , characteristics, care and maintenance of plants, and of course – no one will leave without buying!

You will have the opportunity to purchase for yourself or as a gift any plants, including blooming symbol of the coming holidays – Poinsettia (Christmas Star), because it is always on sale – more than 3,000 kinds of plants and flowers!